Dynamix offers dance classes for children aged 3+ in a variety of styles. 

Classical ballet is the basis for all dance genres. It teaches balance, posture, coordination and grace as well as focus and discipline. We follow IDTA syllabus for ballet and offer classes from aged 3+

Our Acro classes are perfect for those who want to add tricks to their dancing. Learn to cartwheel, flip and roll whilst focusing on balance, strength and flexibility. 
We are proud to be an Acrobatic Arts certified studio, and use this syllabus within our acro classes to promote correct techqnique when gaining new skills.
Funky Freestyle:

Funky Freestyle is a fun and upbeat class! Children learn the commercial dance style and dance routines to current pop songs. 


Learn to kick, leap and turn within this expressive, energetic dance style. Focusing on technique and power,  we follow the IDTA syllabus for this genre.